Mesh networking technology that'll make you say Gotcha!


Doesn't need internet

Gotcha works without any internet connection, saving you money

Saves your battery

Since you are no longer using your phone's data connection, you save a ton of battery power!

Cross platform

No matter which device your friends have, you can all be on the Gotcha Mesh Network together!

So what is Gotcha all about?

Pure, unrestricted connectivity

Gotcha enables you and your friends to communicate with each other, without the need for an active internet connection. This comes in handy when you guys are together but the mobile network is acting up. Think of all the times you were at a Music Festival or in the basement of a parking lot or in the Subway....Gotcha will work even there!

  • Creates a secure MESH Network between the users
  • You can see where your friend is in real time
  • Additional features such as payments, group chats, internet sharing coming soon!

Gotcha will change the way you communicate with your friends!


Still confused? Watch this quick explainer video

So how does it Work?

A quick primer on using Gotcha

  • Install Gotcha

    Gotcha is completely free and will always be a free application

  • Share Gotcha with friends

    You obviously need your friends to be using the same app in order to communicate as if its the year 2030!

  • Add your friends

    Once you and your friends have signed up, simply add them as a friend in the application

Speaker Camera Screenshot
  • Get everyone to sign up

    The more friends you have on Gotcha, the easier it will be to chat and sync with them at an event

  • More features coming soon

    Chat rooms? Interact with the artists/DJs? Pay for food and drinks? We got you!

  • We care

    We care and want to give back to the community. Have an idea on how Gotcha can make a difference? Get in touch with us.

See Gotcha in action

Excited? Install it now to take it for a spin!



And don't forget to invite your friends too!


The Dream Team

We wanna change the world, one bit at a time!

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Founder & CEO

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you're intrigued! ;)

Do you capture any of my personal data?

No! We care about our users and no data from your device is stored by us, except for your user information for your account

So is this app really free to use?

Yes! Now and forever! Cross our hearts and hope to die.

What happens when I lose my connection?

The app intelligently maintains your chat and location. The moment the other user comes online, this data is sent to them so you can pick up where you left off

Do you have any more fun features being added?

Heck yea! Chat rooms, payment, streaming content and a WHOLE lot more coming your way!